Self-isolation is more of self-realisation!🍀

Hello world!

Fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of yourself.

It’s been a month of self isolation and I am glad instead of crying about the situation, I used it as the perfect time for self realization.
I have realized blaming the situation won’t do anything good for me. I have to buckle up and work on me.

I never thought a girl who would lay around in bed all day long would turn out to be someone assigning tasks for herself every day. I would tick mark things before going to bed. Trust me, these tick marks make me elated. I mean setting these little goals (working out, learning a skill, learning a new language, skincare, etc) every day and fulfilling it makes me feel as if I have won a medal.

I think whosoever is reading this will agree with me that achieving a goal no matter how big or small makes us optimistic and then this pushes us forward in life.

I am in charge of myself, and I can do whatever I want to. So here I am into action to improve myself. I know this requires a lot of hard work but trust me it’s worth investing in ourselves.

I just sit and tell myself the fact that dude you have changed, this is not the old you!!

In this period I got to know a little more about myself. And I have a long way to go
I can look back and thank every little step I moved forward for bettering myself and these small steps surely did wonders to me.

I am in love with my life the way it is now, I am so grateful to life.

So yeah that’s all. Let off me if I have made any mistakes. Comment if you liked it. I wish you all a healthy life. Stay safe and take care!♥️